What is Kambium Business Letter

Kambium Business letter is an electronic business letter application, developed based on government script correspondence system

Why use Kambium Business Letter?

A lesspaper - leads to paperless - system, which means saving on papers, inks and other printing related materials, and of course more enviromentally friendly

Reducing execution time of mailing process, starting from drafting letter, numbering, distribution, disposition, archiving, to mail search.

In the end of the day, Kambium Business Letter will improve your company performance, accountability and transparency.

Kambium Main Modules

Surat Keluar

To create internal and external letters.

Surat Masuk

Registration of incoming letters from external.


Forward letters to colleagues or staff with action notes.


Appointment of replacement officers.


Secretary Appointment.


Access to all existing letters. Only accessible by document units.


Mobile browser app, Android and iOS* native app.

Kambium Additional Modules

Dokumen Lain

Serves as e-filling and original documents borrowing.


The invitation-making form, equipped with the columns for place, time and agenda.

Sinkronisasi HRIS*

Kambium synchronization with company existing HRIS.

Surat Lain (Max.7)

Surat Edaran,Surat Tugas, Surat Keterangan, Surat Pernyataan, Suat Kuasa, Surat Direksi. .

QR Code

Letter information using QR Code.

Kambium Tools

Technology Platform

This application is developed using the PHP platform and mySQL database, so in addition for being a well-functioning and flexible application, Kambium Business Letter is a cost effective application for your company.

The Clients